About the Artist


Gregory Doroshenko is a professional fine artist and designer who lives and works in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Gregory received his degree in Fine Art and Design in Eastern Europe in 1994 and paints his works using various technics and mediums with the focus on classical and modern realism infused with impressionism and, sometimes, abstract.

His works were displayed in galleries and stores at Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL and are currently in many private collections in U.S. and Europe.

Gregory was astonished by the beauty of Floridian nature when he first moved there 9 years ago. That's the reason why many of his works represent beautiful Floridian beaches, landscapes, flora and fauna, and why one of his most recognized pieces, "Escape" was used as the background of this website.

Gregory is well-known for his masterfully pained portraits that create lasting memories of various special occasions, including

  • Real estate art

  • Children and family portraits

  • Proposals and weddings

  • Sports tournaments and team players

  • Official portraits

  • Pets

  • And others


Gregory is professional in the airbrush technique, which allows him to paint beautiful art murals on walls and even cars. Another interior design technique that he practices is the creation of Venetian stucco and other luxury wall finishes. He partners in this with ArtByVeny, whose works we highly recommend to review.

Gregory also provides private art lessons online or in-person and is an approved volunteer for Broward County schools.

As a professional artist, Gregory is passionately exploring the presence of intelligent design in all creation at the micro and macro levels; so-known Golden Proportion discovered by Fibonacci and used by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many other well-known artists in their masterpieces. His new series, "Intelligent Design", will be presented here on the Nature>Intelligent Design page.

With Gregory, you will

  • Capture family history in a hand-painted portrait

  • Acknowledge your business partner, sponsor, or team member by placing their portrait on your Wall of Fame

  • Commission a painted masterpiece of your beautiful mansion or yacht

  • Create a lasting memory of your pets, even from the old photographs

  • Bring vibrance of nature in your home with a real-life representation of your favorite landscape

  • Add lush and luxury to your home by transforming its interior with modern wall finishing and Venetian stucco

A special offer that's currently in place: 

A special offer on real estate portraits for realtors and brokers. Call or text (954) 687-6410 for details.