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Special Offer

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We currently have a special offer in place for portraits painted from customer-supplied photographs.


The 19% discount is our response to COVID-19 to support our community and friends during this challenging period of time and provide the option to create beautiful paintings and portraits, send birthday gifts, and capture memories in the art without the need of leaving the house or meeting the artist face-to-face.

This is how you can submit your request:

  • Contact the artist and provide the general idea of a portrait or painting you are looking to create. Include the special offer code FIGHTBACK19 in your email subject or text message.

    • ​You may include a photograph for a more precise estimate 

    • Send your emails to, text to (954) 687-6410, go to the Contact Us page or use the Chat bubble at the bottom right of the page

  • The artist will get back to you with the estimates and price options.

  • When you are ready to start, the artist will send you the Painting Contract. The downpayment is required to start the process.

  • The artist will contact you to discuss the layout, background, and other details to your liking.​​

  • We will keep you informed as the work goes forward, and get your feedback.

  • Once the painting is completed, you will have several options on how to have it delivered:

    • We will email you or your designated recipient the digital image so that it can be enjoyed right away.

    • We will also ship the painting to the address you specify once the full payment is received. With COVID-19 going on, you can postpone the physical delivery for as long as needed.​​​​

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